Be Brave

In our Bible Reading today, the Ammonite people were ready to fight King David?s army. David sent Joab to lead the army. Joab told the soldiers, ?Let?s be brave and strong while we fight for our people and for the cities of our God! May the Lord do what he thinks is right? (verse 13). God helped Joab and the army to defeat the Ammonites.
Probably no one will attack us physically today. But we live in a world where many people do not believe in God. Sometimes it is hard to tell these people about Him. Maybe we think they will laugh at us or even hurt us. But we should not be afraid. We should be brave like King David?s army.
Maybe the best way you can be brave is to show other people that God is most important in your life. This will help them understand that they need to know God, too.
So, remember to be brave. Don?t give up telling people about God. Continue to stand strong for Jesus.