Be Careful

The other day I made myself a sandwich. I ate a few bites of the sandwich and then the phone rang. The call was for my husband, so I went outside to get him. When I came back to the table, the top of my sandwich was gone!
What happened to my sandwich? Our one-year-old puppy was in her kennel, and I did not know that the door of her kennel was open. While I was gone, she came out and ate my sandwich. I learned that I always need to be careful and make sure that her kennel is shut.
Our Bible verses today remind us that we need to be careful. Why? Because the devil is always looking for ways to tempt us to sin. If we are not paying attention to God’s Word, we may not realize that the devil is tempting us. Then we will disobey God.
Peter says we should “refuse to follow the devil. Stand strong in your faith” (verse 9a). I hope you will be careful today. Pay attention to Peter’s words when you are tempted to sin.