Be Faithful

Several years ago, I was a graduate student. One day I was typing a term paper. I had typed eight pages when the college’s computer system went down. I had not saved what I had typed, so I lost everything. It took me a long time to re-type the paper, but I had to do it. Finally I finished the paper and turned it in to my professor.
This experience reminds me of my Christian life. Sometimes I am sick or have financial problems or have an argument with my friend. These things frustrate and confuse me.
In our Bible Reading for today, Jesus spoke to the church at Smyrna. These Christians faced troubles, too. But Jesus encouraged them by saying, “…be faithful, even if you have to die. If you continue to be faithful, I will give you the reward of life” (verse 10b).
When I face problems in my life, I need to remember Jesus’ words. Then I will continue following and serving God every day.