Be Happy

Sometimes when something bad happens or I am hurt, I become sad. Other times I face problems that I can’t solve. Then I worry what will happen in the future. And I worry about what other people will do.
But in our Bible Reading today, Paul tells us not to be sad and not to worry. In verse 4 Paul tells us to be happy. When does he say we should be happy? Always! That sounds hard to do. It is hard to always be happy.

Then Paul tells us that we should not worry. Instead, we should pray to God. We can ask God to help us and give us what we need. We should also remember to thank God for taking care of us. When we thank God, we can have peace. Then we won’t worry any more.
I think Paul was happy even though he faced many problems. And I think that Paul depended on God to take care of him each day. I want to be like Paul. I want to have peace and happiness, not worries and sadness.