Be Happy

Psalm 100 is my favorite psalm. Why? Because it has a very simple message. This message is that we should be happy when we serve God. Sometimes we may be tired or not feel well. Then it is not easy to be happy when we serve. But we can depend on God to help us as we serve Him.
My favorite verse from this psalm is verse 5: “The Lord is good! His love is forever. We can trust him forever and ever!” This verse gives me comfort. Sometimes my friends stop loving me. Or they fail me. But God is not like that. I can always trust Him. And I know that God will love me every day of my life.
God is so wonderful! Take time today to stop and think about the many ways He blesses you. Maybe you can make a list of the good things God has done for you. This list should make you smile and be happy. Read through this list every day. And don’t forget to thank God for taking care of you.