Be Happy!

A pastor told his congregationa story about his wife. As she was driving their two-year-old daughter to day-care, the little girl sighed and said, “Oh man! Oh man!” That little girl was not feeling happy about going to day-care that day.

Sometimes we have a negative attitude like that little girl had. We grumble and complain about doing things for God. How do you feel on Sunday morning? Do you look forward to a time of worshiping with other Christians? Or do you think up excuses why you can’t go to church? How do you feel when a brother or sister in Christ needs help? Are you excited to help them? Or do you hope that someone else will help them?

The writer of Psalm 100 was very happy to worship and serve God. In Psalm 100:4 he encourages us to have a good attitude about serving God. “Come through the gates to his Temple giving thanks to him. Enter his courtyards with songs of praise. Honor him and bless his name.”

How will you feel the next time you have an opportunity to worship God or serve other Christians? I hope you will be happy and eager to serve and worship God with your whole heart!