Be Happy

God wants us to be happy. When we think about all of the bad things that are happening in the world, we may feel sad or afraid. These five verses from Psalm 105 tell us how to be happy even when bad things happen to us.
Think about God. Talk about His goodness. Ask God for help and strength. Remember that He is always ready to help us. Trust God to keep His promise to take care of us. Thank Him. Sing praises to God. Remember the wonderful things He has done.
Read God’s Word, the Bible, and think about what it says. Read about the wonderful things that happened in the Old Testament. Read about Jesus. Think about the amazing things that He did. Think about Jesus’ love and power. Remember how much He loves us – so much that He gave His life for us. Jesus rose from the dead. Now He is ready to help us. Someday Jesus is coming back to earth to take us to heaven to live with Him forever.
Think about these things and be happy! Why? Because God is powerful. He is good, and He loves you!