Be Holy (1)

I have noticed that children usually act like their parents or their older brothers and sisters. Sometimes they copy the good things they do, and sometimes they copy the bad things.
I laugh just like my mom. I have the same sense of humor as my dad. When I was young, I followed my older brother around and tried to copy everything he did.
God wants us to copy Him, too. Verse 16b of our Bible Reading says, “Be holy, because I (God) am holy.” The word holy means to be set apart or made different from the world. If we are holy, that means we do what God wants us to do. And we will not do what everyone else is doing.
Maybe you realize that you need to be holy, but you don’t know how to do it. For the next few days we will continue to look at verses from 1 Peter that will help us understand how we can be holy.
I encourage you to try to be like God today. Be “holy in all the things you do” (verse 15b).