Be Holy (2)

If we want to be holy like God, we need to get rid of all the evil in our lives. In our Bible Reading today, Peter gives us a list of evil things that we need to stop doing.
One thing on Peter’s list is lying. Sometimes we think that lying is not as bad as other sins. But that is not true! It doesn’t matter if we say a lie is big or small. All lies are sin.
Another thing that Peter mentions is hypocrites. A hypocrite is someone who acts one way when he is with some people. But then he acts a different way when he is with other people. An example is being friends with someone. But when that friend is not with you, you say bad things about him.
Peter also lists jealousy and saying bad things. Sometimes saying bad things about people is called slander. Slander means saying things that will hurt another person’s feelings.
We need to remove these kinds of things from our lives. Then we will be holy, just like God!