Be Holy (3)

Some people get a new piece of equipment or a game. Then they want to figure out for themselves how to use it. But not my dad! He sits down and reads the instructions. He wants to read everything about the equipment or game before he even opens the package.
We read instruction books to help us put a desk together or to teach us how to use a new camera. The Bible is like an instruction book. It teaches us how to live. God wrote the Bible so that we could know how to follow Him.
Our verses for today are from the Bible. God wants us to read these words so we can learn how to be holy. These verses tell us that we should live together in peace, try to understand each other, love each other, be kind and humble, and ask God to bless people who do wrong to us.
Take time to read God’s instruction book (the Bible) today. He will show you how you can obey Him and be holy.