Be Humble

Jesus is the best example of someone who is humble. One time He even washed His disciples’ feet. This was a dirty job. Usually only servants washed people’s feet. But Jesus did this to show His disciples how to be humble. If Jesus was a servant, I think we should be servants, too.
People in the world today teach us to be self-centered and think only about ourselves. But Jesus taught us to be humble and serve other people. Matthew 18:4 says, “The greatest (most important) person in the kingdom of heaven is the person that makes himself humble like this child.” Jesus wants us to put away our pride and be humble. This means we should think that other people are more important than we are.
When we become Christians, we become new people. We should not be proud and rebellious any more. We should be humble and obedient. I hope that today you will be humble and serve other people. Maybe you can open a door for someone or wash your neighbor’s car. And don’t forget to share the Good News about Jesus with the people you serve.