Be Joyful

I went to a baseball game. My team was behind 2 to 0. There was not much action on the field, so the people in the stands were pretty quiet. Then my team got a hit. Then another hit. Finally, the next batter hit a home run! My team won. People were shouting and jumping for joy!
Job, chapter 38, is a long chapter, but I encourage you to read about what God has done for us. In these verses, God reminded Job that He created the earth. At first, there was nothing. As God was making the earth, the “angels shouted with joy” (verse 7b).
Many people today say that we are just part of a great evolutionary process. But that is not true. God created the heavens and the earth. He put vegetation and animals on the earth. Then He made people — His supreme creation. That is something to be really joyful about!
Think about God’s creation today. Thank Him and praise Him for what He has done.