Be Like a Child

Brooke is a young girl who lives next door to me. One day when she came home, I was outside my house blowing bubbles. Brooke looked at me with surprise and said only one word, “Norma!” She was shocked that her 62-year-old neighbor was blowing bubbles. Usually I am a quiet person, but on that day, I decided to have fun like a child.
In our Bible Reading today, Jesus said that we must become like children. If we do not become like children, we cannot enter heaven. Jesus didn’t mean that we should blow bubbles. He meant that we should be humble like a child. And, we should have strong faith like children have.
I hope that today you will try to be like a child. Think about the humility of a child. Look for opportunities to be a humble servant to other people. Remember that children must depend on their parents and other adults. Depend on God to take care of your needs. And follow a child’s example of faith. Ask God to help your faith grow.