Be Like God

Today in our Bible verses, Paul talks about being like God. He says that if we want to be like God, we should stop doing certain things.
One of the things Paul says we should stop doing is telling lies. Verse 25 says, “So you must stop telling lies. ‘You must always speak the truth to each other,’ because we all belong to each other in the same body.”
When I read this verse it reminds me of a young man and woman I heard about. The man proposed to the woman. She started making plans for their wedding. Finally, the man told her that he didn’t want to marry her — he had just been playing a joke on her! The young girl was heartbroken and disappointed.
That story is a good example of what happens when we lie or disobey God in other ways. Our sins not only hurt us; they hurt other people, too. Pay attention to Paul’s advice to “be like God, truly good and pleasing to him” (verse 24b).