Be Like Jesus

Our Bible Reading today tells us that God?s people, the Israelites, wanted to be like the people living around them. They wanted to have a king rule over them. God wanted to be their only king, but the Israelites wanted a human king instead. This made God sad.
God told the people all the bad things that would happen if they had a king. But the people didn?t pay attention to God. They still wanted a king.
Sometimes we want to be like people around us. We want to wear the same clothes, drive the same cars, watch the same movies or have the same hairstyle. Often when we try to be like other people, we do things that do not please God.
If you are a Christian, you belong to Jesus. He is your king. You should not want to be like people around you. You should want to be like Jesus.
I hope you are trying to be like Jesus today.