Be Like Jesus

Maybe you can remember when someone hurt you or said bad things about you. How did you feel? Maybe you felt like you wanted to do bad things back to them. But that is not what God wants us to do. If we do bad things back, we do what the devil wants us to do.
In our Bible Reading today, Jesus said, ?Forgive us the sins we have done, because we forgive every person that has done wrong to us? (verse 4a). When someone does something wrong to us, God wants us to forgive them. If we forgive other people, God will forgive us when we sin.
When Jesus was on the cross, people did many bad things to Him. They hit Him, spat on Him, called Him names and finally killed Him. But Jesus said, ?Father, forgive these people that are killing me. They don?t know what they are doing? (Luke 23:34b).
Be like Jesus today. Be loving and forgiving.