Be Like the Father

I teach a children’s class at church. It is interesting to see that children are just like their parents. One mother is very nervous and always thinks that something bad will happen. Her little daughter is just like her. One father doesn’t talk very much and wants to get everything done very quickly. His son is just like him.
We should want to be like God. The best way to be like Him is to study what the Bible tells us about Him. In our Bible Reading today we can learn many things about God. He is a good judge, and He listens to us (verse 4). God does not like it when people do bad things (verse 5). We can trust God (verse 10).
When we learn about God, then we can be like Him. We see that God forgives, and we learn how to forgive other people. We read about God’s patience, and we can follow His example and be patient, too.
As you think about starting a new year tomorrow, remember to keep on learning more about God. When you truly know Him, then you can be like Him.