Be Patient

We live in a world where we expect to receive everything instantly. We eat at a fast food restaurant and complain if we get slow service. Instead of waiting in a long line at the bank, we choose to use an ATM outside the bank. We don’t read books any more — we just use the Internet for fast answers.
Recently I moved, and now I have to use dial-up service instead of high speed Internet. I am trying to be patient, but it is slow and frustrating to wait for files to download. But I realize that I need this information, so it is worth waiting for.
Today’s Bible Reading helps us remember that we will have problems here on earth. And, it will be hard to wait for the time when we will live forever with God. “But we are hoping for something that we don’t have yet. We are waiting for it patiently” (verse 25).
Be patient with God. He is helping you be more like Jesus. And God is planning a wonderful place where you will live with Him forever