Be Ready

Our Bible verses today were written by Paul to the church in Thessalonica. Paul wrote this letter to tell the people more about the time Jesus will come back and to encourage them as they waited for Jesus.
If you want to be ready for a new day, what do you do? Do you stay in bed and sleep? No! You set your alarm, get up and get dressed. In the same way, Paul says that we need to be ready for Jesus to come back. “So we should not be like other people. We should not be sleeping. We should be awake and have self-control” (verse 6).
When Jesus comes back, what will you be doing? Will you be ready to welcome Jesus, or will you be ashamed that you were not obeying Him? We do not know when Jesus will come, so we need to be ready every minute of the day.
Be sure that you are ready to meet Jesus today!