Be Ready

The manager of a large business told his assistant, “I am going out of town. I will be gone for about five days. Here is a list of projects I want you to do while I am gone.” The manager left town. The assistant looked at the list. He decided that he could do the things later. For three days, the assistant sent text messages to his friends and played games on the computer.

On the fourth day, the assistant decided to start working on the list of things to do. There was a lot of work to do, but he worked as hard as he could. Early on the fifth day the manager returned. He was very disappointed. His assistant had completed only half of the projects on his list.

That assistant is like the five girls in our Bible Reading. Both the assistant and the girls could have been ready. Instead, they chose to not obey.

Jesus wants all of us to be ready when He comes again. Make sure that you are prepared to meet Jesus!