Be Ready

My friend went to a skin doctor. The doctor said that my friend needed some tests. They starting talking about the human body. My friend told the doctor that his body might have some problems now, but he was happy to know that he will have a new body when Jesus comes again. Then the doctor asked my friend if he thought Jesus is coming soon.

In Mark 13:32-33, Jesus talked about the time when He will come back to earth. “No one knows when that day or time will be. The Son and the angels in heaven don’t know when that day or time will be. Only the Father knows. Be careful! Always be ready! You don’t know when that time will be.”

Because we don’t know when Jesus is coming back to take His followers to live with Him, we need to always be ready. How can we be ready? We need to make sure that we are following Jesus and obeying His teachings. And we need to have a close relationship with Jesus by reading the Bible and praying every day.

Only God knows when Jesus will return. It might be today! Are you excited to see Jesus? Are you ready to live with Him forever?