Be Ready!

One day Victoria invited Zach to church. The preacher talked about how Jesus died for our sins. Zach knew that he should accept Jesus as his Savior. But Zach was afraid. Why? Because he thought if he became a Christian, his friends would leave him.
Zach continued to go to church with Victoria. But he refused to become a Christian. Soon Zach started being friends with people who did bad things. Later, Victoria heard that Zach was killed in a car accident. Zach?s friend was driving the car while he was on drugs.
Our Bible Reading today is about ten girls. Five of the girls were ready to meet the bridegroom. These girls are like Christians who love and serve God. But the other five girls were not ready. They are like people who have not accepted Jesus as their Savior.
We do not know when we will die or when Jesus will come again. But we need to be ready to meet Him. Zach was not ready. I hope that you are ready now!