Be Safe

A man was in a rowboat on a river. Another man on a cliff above the river saw the rowboat headed toward a waterfall. He shouted to the man in the rowboat, “You are headed toward a waterfall. Here is a life preserver. Grab hold of the life preserver so you can be safe.”
But the man in the rowboat ignored the man on the cliff. He did not grab hold of the life preserver. Soon his boat was pushed into rough waters, but it was too late to avoid the waterfall. The man died when his boat went over the waterfall.
Our Bible verses today talk about people who “don’t pay attention to the salvation we have that is so great” (verse 3b). These people who do not accept God’s salvation will be punished.
Don’t ignore God’s words. The only way to be safe is to accept God’s gift of salvation through Jesus. Allow Jesus to be your Lord and Savior today!