Be Strong

God wants us to stand strong in our faith and help other people be strong, too. One man who stayed strong was Jose Henriquez. In October of 2011 he was one of the miners trapped in a mine in Chile.
Jose was a Christian. Every day while he was trapped in the mine, he reminded the other men to pray. And Jose encouraged them to be strong until the rescuers could find them. After 69 days, Jose and the other miners were rescued.
Another person who stayed strong was Queen Esther. She learned about a plan to kill her people, the Jews. Esther’s cousin, Mordecai, reminded her that God had placed her in this position of queen so that she could help the Jews. So Esther told the king about the evil plan, and the Jews were saved.
God wants you to be strong today. Show kindness to others, be a good worker at your job, help people who are hurting or weak. But most of all, stay close to God and depend on Him!