Be Strong

When Paul wrote a letter to a church, he usually did three things. 1) He gave new teachings. 2) He showed the people what they were doing wrong. 3) He gave the people encouragement. In our Bible Reading today we read some of Paul’s encouraging words.
The church in Corinth had some problems. Paul talked about these problems in this letter. He told them how they could stop sinning and start obeying God. But Paul also wanted the people to be encouraged to continue following Jesus. In these verses, he reminded the Christians in Corinth to “stand strong,” “continue strong in the faith” and to “have courage and be strong.”
Today there are Christian churches around the world. Each congregation (group) of Christians faces problems. Some of these problems are the same as the problems in the Corinthian church. We can learn from Paul’s advice. We should also pay attention to Paul’s words of encouragement.
Maybe your church group is facing problems. Don’t give up! Continue loving each other and try to work out your problems. And don’t forget to “do everything in love” (16:14).