Be Thankful

If someone does something nice for us, we say/sign ?thank you.? If someone gives us a gift, we say/sign ?thank you.? Our Bible Reading today tells us about one man who said ?thank you? to Jesus.
Jesus met ten men. These men had leprosy, a terrible skin disease. The men asked Jesus to help them. Jesus told the men (verse 14b), ?Go and show yourselves to the priests.?
As the men were going to the priests, one of the men saw that he was healed. So the man went back to Jesus. The man ?bowed down at Jesus? feet. The man thanked Jesus? (verse 16a).
We should not say/sign our thanks to only special people. We should be thankful for all the good things other people do for us. But most of all, we should be thankful to God for the many ways He blesses us.
Think about being thankful today. Say/sign ?thank you? to your family members and friends. And don?t forget to say ?thank you? to God.