Be Thankful

In my country, parents teach their children to say or sign “thank you” when a person gives them something or does something nice for them. I think it is a good habit for us to say or sign “thank you.”
Our Bible Reading today tells us about ten men who had leprosy, a terrible skin disease. They could not come close to Jesus, so they shouted (verse 13), “Jesus! Master! Please help us!”
Jesus told the ten men to go show themselves to the Jewish priests. As they were going, they were healed. Verse 15 tells us that one man went back to Jesus and thanked him. It is sad that the other nine men did not thank Jesus.
God has done so much for us. We should thank Him every day for salvation through Jesus and for the blessings He gives us here on earth. I hope you will be like the one man and show your thankfulness today!