Be Thankful*

We can be thankful for many things. But sometimes we are not thankful. Some people are not happy. They think that they do not have anything to thank God for. When we are around people like that, we can become unthankful, too. We don’t want to be like that.
Today is Thanksgiving Day in America. Americans should be thankful for the country where they live. They should be thankful for leaders who help the government to be peaceful and orderly. Americans should be thankful for the Christian people who first settled this country. Their faith in God gave America a strong foundation.
But all Christians around the world should be thankful for Jesus. We should thank God that He protects us every day. We should also be thankful for unexpected things that happen in our lives. God uses these experiences to show us that He is in control and that He will always take care of us.
No matter where you live today, take time to give thanks to God. But don’t thank God just today. Thank Him every day for the good things He has done for you.