Be Wise

Many people in the world today think that they are wise. These people even think that they are wiser than God. Because these people think they are wiser than God, they refuse to follow God and His Word. People like this are not really wise at all.
If we want to be wise, then we need to follow God. In our Bible Reading, Paul tells us how we can be truly wise. First, we need God’s Holy Spirit in our lives to show us about God and to help us understand Him (verse 17). Second, we need to ask God to open our minds so we can see His truth (verse 18).
What happens if we have God’s Spirit and we can see His truth? Then we will “know the blessings that God promised his holy people” (verse 18). And these blessings “are rich and glorious” (verse 18).
So if you want to be wise, read God’s Word and follow His plan for your life. God will be with you and bless you in wonderful ways.