Be Wise

Our Bible verses today show us that it is very important that we choose the right friends. Why? Because our friends can influence us to do good or to do bad.
Verse 1 says, “A person will be truly happy if he doesn’t follow the advice of bad people and doesn’t live like sinners and doesn’t feel at home with people who don’t respect God.” If we choose friends who disobey God, we might be tempted to do what they do. If we are with friends who are planning to do something wrong, we might be accused of doing wrong, too. Or, if we listen to our friends make fun of God, we might follow their example.
God has a better plan for people who are willing to obey His Word and want to follow Him. But if we want to know God’s plan, we need to study the Bible. Then we need to think about what we read in the Bible and let God help us make the right choices.
We all must make choices to do right or wrong every day. Follow God’s Word, and you will be happier and more successful.