Beautiful Places

My daughter and I drove several hours to visit some friends. We sat on their patio near the swimming pool. Beautiful flowers were planted near the pool. I live in the desert, so I enjoyed looking at the flowers and green trees. I closed my eyes and thought about how peaceful it was.
Verse 1 of Psalm 84 says, “Lord All-Powerful, the place where you live is so beautiful!” The writer of this psalm was talking about the temple in Jerusalem. It was truly a beautiful building.
Someday Jesus will return and take us to live forever with God. That will be a beautiful place, too. The book of Revelation tells us that heaven will be a glorious place filled with gold and jewels (Revelation 21:11-23).
God loves beautiful places. And if I want Him to live within me, I need to make my life beautiful, too. I can do that by obeying God and letting Him use me to help other people.