I have a very large yard. Every year I try to keep my yard in perfect condition. I do this by removing dead blossoms from plants, trimming the hedges and getting rid of all the weeds. But often I work so hard to remove the bad things from my yard, that I forget to enjoy the beauty of the flowers and trees. I get too busy to stop and pay attention to God’s beautiful world.
Our Bible Reading today is a psalm of praise. David praised God for all the wonderful things that He made – the moon, stars, animals and people. God made all these things for us to enjoy. But often we are so busy working and trying to improve things that we forget to stop and thank God for His blessings.
There are so many beautiful things for you to enjoy in the world today. When you go outside, thank God for His creation. Praise Him for all the people He made in the world. But most of all, thank God for His gift of salvation through His Son, Jesus.