Most people think of beauty as looking nice and being well-groomed. Some women spend a lot of money on make-up, jewelry and clothes. Some of these women just want to be popular with other people.
If you are a man, you might remember a long wait for your wife or girlfriend to get ready. She carefully chose her clothes so that everything would match. Then she styled her hair to look just right. Finally, she selected make-up and jewelry to make herself look more beautiful. At last, she walked toward you, looking like Miss America!
Our Bible Reading today talks about a different kind of beauty. This beauty is inside a person. Both men and women can have this kind of beauty. A person who wants to have inner beauty will avoid things that are sinful. This person will also have Godly characteristics such as goodness, kindness, patience, humility, love and joy.
You can have this inner beauty in your life today. Study the Bible and learn what God wants you to do. Then continue to grow and become more and more like Jesus.