Becoming Pure

When gold, silver and other precious metals are taken from the ground, they are mixed together with impurities (dirt and other minerals). Do you know how people make these metals pure? They heat the metals to very high temperatures. Then the impurities float to the top where they can be removed. The hotter the fire, the purer the metal will be.
God wants each one of us to grow and become better Christians. Then He uses us to serve Him. Fire purifies metals. In the same way, God sometimes uses hard times to make us stronger. If we face problems and depend on God to help us, we become stronger Christians. But if we have problems and turn away from God, we will not become stronger.
Everything we experience in life is important. Why? Because these experiences can bring us closer to God. Maybe you are facing problems today. Remember that God is in control of your life. He wants you to become pure for Him.