Being First

We all like to be first. We like to be the first person to cross the finish line in a race. We like to be the first person to get food at the dinner table.
Some people think that being first means they have an important job or they sit close to important people. In our Bible Reading today, Jesus talked about being first. In verse 27 Jesus said, ?If one of you wants to be first, then he must serve you like a slave.? Then Jesus told the people that He came to earth to serve other people.
If we want to be first in God?s kingdom, we need to serve other people. There are many ways that we can serve others. We can take food to someone who is sick. We can visit people in hospitals, nursing homes and prisons. We can share our money and food with poor people. And the most important way we can serve, is to share the Good News about Jesus with our family and friends.
God wants you to be first. Serve other people today.