One time I went on a hike in a forest with my friend. After walking for awhile, I started noticing things about the path we were walking on.
At first I noticed that the path was brown, surrounded by green grass. This showed me that people had been walking or riding their bikes on the path. When I looked closer, I could see shoe prints and bike tire tracks in the path. These things helped me believe that people had been on this path before. Even though I never saw the people, I believed they were real because of the prints and tracks.
In the same way, we can believe in God. We see God’s creation and His love through nature and people. Verse 3b of our Bible Reading says, “This means that the things we see were made by something that cannot be seen.” We have never seen God before, but we can believe that He exists.
Look around you today. Notice things that help you believe God is real.