Believe in Jesus

Our Bible Reading tells the same story that we read yesterday from the book of Mark. Today I would like to focus on verse 58. “Jesus did not do many miracles there, because the people did not believe in him.”
The people in Nazareth were not willing to accept Jesus as God’s Son. They did not believe what Jesus said. These people were not willing to let God work in their lives. Because the people did not have faith in Jesus, He only did a few miracles there.
Often we are like these unbelieving Jews. Maybe things are not going well, and we think that God is not helping us. We ignore things we read in the Bible and stop communicating with God. And we begin to doubt that He can do wonderful things in our lives.
Do you want God to bless you and use you to make His kingdom grow? Trust Jesus and His words in the Bible. Then share your faith with other people so they can know Jesus, too.