I attended a church interpreters’ workshop. Today and for the next few days I will tell you about an experience I had that same day. I will also share with you some important words I learned at the conference.
I was ready to leave my home for the workshop, but I couldn’t find my car keys. I quickly looked around my house. Finally I took a spare car key and drove to the conference. I knew that the keys were somewhere in my house. And I believed that God would help me find my keys when I got home in the afternoon.
At the workshop, the speaker talked about five very important words. The first word was “believe.” When we believe something, we accept it as truth. In our Bible Reading today, Jesus used the word “believe” several times. In verse 11a, Jesus said, “Believe me when I say that I am in the Father and the Father is in me.”
We need to believe that Jesus is God’s Son. And we need to believe that He pays attention to our prayers and answers them.