Bells (1)

For the next few days, we will talk about bells. Bells have many uses and come in all sizes.
I remember the bells that hung in the church my family attended when my children were young. Those bells were very large. When the bells were rung on Sunday mornings, people all over town could hear them. Ringing the bells was a way to invite people to come and worship God.
One day our church decided to stop ringing the bells on Sunday mornings. I really missed the sound of the bells. So the church leaders told me that I could have the job of ringing the bells. Every Sunday morning, I pulled on the long, sturdy ropes that were attached to the bells.
We do not need bells to invite people to worship God with us. We can just ask them. God is so awesome! We should be excited to share God’s love, faithfulness and power with other people.
Our Bible Reading today talks about worshiping God. Invite someone to worship God with you this week.