Bells (6)

I met a lady named Debbie. She is blind, and she has a guide dog named Sam. Sometimes Debbie would not know where Sam was. So she put a little bell on Sam’s collar. Whenever Sam moved, Debbie would hear the bell.
This made Debbie feel very safe. Why? Because she knew when Sam was close by. And Debbie knew that when Sam was near, she could depend on him for help and direction.
Sometimes when we face problems, we may feel afraid or lonely. Maybe we even wonder if God is with us. But God does not need to wear a bell or give us a sign so we know He is with us. We can know that He is with us because of His promise. Verse 5b of our Bible Reading tells us, “God has said, ‘I will never leave you; I will never run away from you.’”
God is always with us. So we don’t need to feel afraid or alone. We can be sure that God is with us, helping and guiding us every day.