Bells (7)

God has made many beautiful things for this world. He has even made flowers that are shaped like bells. Some of these flowers are very brightly colored.
I have noticed that hummingbirds, honey bees and butterflies are often attracted to these bell-shaped flowers. It is fun to watch the hummingbirds, bees and butterflies as they gather on these flowers. The hummingbirds go from flower to flower so quickly. The honey bees collect pollen from the flowers and make many trips back to their hive. And the butterflies add their color to the flowers.
Our Bible Reading today has many verses, but I encourage you to read it all. These verses tell us about many things God has created — water and rain, mountains, plants, trees, the sun and moon, and all kinds of animals.
As you read these verses, think about God’s great power and wisdom. Then look at the world around you. Praise and thank God for all the wonderful things He has made for you.