Best Friends

While I was growing up, I only had a few close friends. Why? Because my family moved a lot. I lived in Arkansas, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Mississippi and Missouri.
I know many people in those states. These friends are very special to me. We grew up together. We played together. We laughed and cried together.
But my very best friend is Jesus. I talk to Him every day. Sometimes I ask Him questions. And sometimes I ask Him to help me when I am nervous or afraid. Jesus always pays attention to me.
Jesus knows you better than any person knows you. He knows your dreams, your fears and your frustrations. He wants you to know Him, too. Tell Jesus how you feel. Tell Him about your day. Jesus wants to be involved in your life. He loves spending time with you.
Jesus can be your best friend. Accept Him as your Savior. Then read His Word and communicate with Him every day.