Beware of the Enemy

Doves were eating the bird seed scattered under our bird feeder. I watched an orange and white cat slowly crawl closer and closer to the doves. I tapped on my kitchen window, hoping they would fly away. But they ignored my warning.
The doves’ enemy was the cat. In the same way, the devil is our enemy. He tempts us to disobey God. The devil is very sneaky. He makes sinful things look exciting so we will want to do them.
Our Bible verses today are very encouraging. First, Paul reminds us that our temptations are “the same temptations that all people have” (verse 13a). Second, Paul says that God helps us resist temptation. “He will give you a way to escape that temptation” (verse 13b).
God helps us overcome the devil’s power. So always beware of the devil. Resist temptation and stand strong for God.