Bible Animals (1)

I love animals! For the next few days we will learn about some animals in the Bible.
Today we will talk about one of my favorite animals — a dog. In our Bible verses, we learn that God told Gideon to lead an army to defeat the Midianites. 32,000 men came to be part of the army. But God said, “…you have too many men. I don’t want the Israelites to forget me and brag that they saved themselves” (verse 2b). So Gideon told the men that were afraid to go home. 22,000 men went home.
Then God told Gideon there were still too many men. So the men were led to water and told to take a drink. “There were 300 men who used their hands to bring water to their mouth and lapped it like a dog does. All the other people bent down and drank the water” (verse 6). God chose those 300 men to be Gideon’s army because they showed they were alert and watching for the enemy.
God helped Gideon and the 300 men defeat a huge army of Midianites. God is very powerful! He can help you today — just like He helped Gideon.