Bible Animals (10)

The last Bible animal that we will talk about is a sheep. Many times in the Bible, people are compared to sheep. David wrote about this in Psalm 23. And in John, chapter 10, Jesus says that He is the shepherd who guides us.
In our Bible Reading today, the writer of Ecclesiastes gives his final words of advice. He has shared many wise sayings throughout the book. In verse 11 he writes, “Words from the wise are like sharp goads. When these sayings are written down and saved, they can be used to guide people, just as a shepherd uses a sharp stick to make his sheep go the right way.” Shepherds often carried a stick or a staff to help them keep their sheep on the right path.
The Bible is filled with wise words. When we read the Bible and obey it, we will keep on the right path in life. God’s Word will help us stay close to Him. Make time today to read and study the Bible. Ask God to help you stay on the right path.