Bible Animals (3)

Our Bible verses today tell us about Daniel, who was one of the Jews taken captive by the Babylonians. God blessed Daniel, and he became a supervisor in the government. But some people were jealous of Daniel’s success. So they convinced King Darius to make a new law that for 30 days people could only pray to the king. If a person did not do this, he would be thrown into a lions’ den.
“Daniel always prayed to God three times every day” (verse 10a). When the jealous men saw that Daniel prayed to God, they told the king. King Darius had Daniel thrown into the lions’ den. Can you imagine how Daniel felt as he faced the lions? The next morning, the king ran to the den and saw that Daniel was alive. Daniel said, “My God sent his angel to save me” (verse 22a). Then King Darius made a new law that people had to worship the one, true God.
Daniel continued praying to God even when he faced death. We may face problems because we obey God. We should follow Daniel’s example and stay faithful to God.