Bible Animals (7)

God told Moses to make a Holy Tent where the Israelites could worship and offer sacrifices to God. In the first part of Exodus 35 Moses told the Israelites what they should bring to help build the Holy Tent.
The Israelites had many sheep and goats. In our Bible Reading, we learn that one thing the Israelites brought to be used in building the tent was goat hair. “And all the women who were skilled and wanted to help, made cloth from the goat hair” (verse 26).
What impresses me most about this story is that the Israelites gave a lot, and they gave because they wanted to. That is a good lesson for Christians today. We can give our money to churches and Christian missions. Or we can give our time to serve other Christians. But no matter what we give, we should give willingly. We should not give because we have to, but because we want to. Be happy when you give to God. Be willing to give Him your best.