Bible Brothers (1)

I am an only child, so I have never had a brother. But I always dreamed about having a brother. The Bible contains many stories about brothers. Today and for the next few days we will read about some brothers mentioned in the Bible.

Cain and Abel were brothers. They were sons of Adam and Eve. Both Cain and Abel gave gifts to God. God accepted Abel’s gift. But verse 5 of our Bible Reading tells us that God “did not accept Cain and his offering. Cain was sad because of this, and he became very angry.” Later, Cain’s anger led him to kill his brother, Abel.

We may become upset and angry about situations in our lives. But we should never let our anger cause us to sin. That’s what happened to Cain. He was so angry that he killed his brother. God punished Cain for his sin.

Ask God to help you control your anger. And be sure to please and honor Him today.