Bible Brothers (3)


Yesterday we talked about Jacob, who is also called Israel. Today we will learn about Jacob’s son, Joseph. Joseph had 11 brothers, and they did not get along well!

Genesis 37:3a says, “Joseph was born at a time when his father Israel was very old, so Israel loved him more than he loved his other sons.” So Joseph’s brothers were jealous of him. Joseph also had dreams about ruling over his brothers. “His brothers hated Joseph more now because of the dreams he had about them” (Genesis 37:8b).

Joseph’s brothers decided to get rid of him. Our Bible verses tell us that they sold Joseph as a slave to traders from Egypt. Joseph faced many hard times in Egypt, but God blessed him. Eventually Joseph became governor over all of Egypt (Genesis 41:41). While Joseph was governor, he saved his father and brothers from starvation.

God was with Joseph and blessed him, even though Joseph faced hard times. God will be with you, too, today and bless you.