Bible Buildings (2)

Samson was a judge of Israel. God’s Spirit worked in Samson, and He blessed Samson with special physical strength. Judges 15:15 tells us that “Samson found a jawbone of a dead donkey and killed 1000 Philistine men with it.”

Later, Samson disobeyed God, so God’s Spirit left him. The Philistines captured Samson and put him in prison. Our Bible verses today tell us that the Philistines had a party in the temple of their false god. They brought Samson to the temple so they could make fun of him. Samson asked God to give him strength one more time. Then Samson “took hold of the two columns in the center of the temple. Then he pushed as hard as he could, and the temple fell on the rulers and everyone in it” (verses 29b and 30b).

God’s power helped Samson destroy the temple to the false god. God will be with us, too, as we try to stay away from evil things in the world. Keep close to God today and depend on Him.